Momento the Great Chef on BabyTV on StarSat

Momento the Great Chef

In a small restraint somewhere charming works the great chef Momento. He shares his kitchen with three talking pickles, who spend their time talking and playing with the chef. The diner doesn’t get a lot of business I think, because the three picks and Momento spend a lot of time playing about. All that stops when Perfecto arrives, however. He’s a loyal diner who drops by every now and then for a meal, but unlike other customers who have to choose from a menu, Perfecto arrives with something in his basket. Every time it’s something new and every time Momento has to cook him something tasty using the ingredients provided. It’s an unconventional premise for sure, but the instructions are easy to follow and the food really does look delicious, so if you have a kid who enjoys making food they might very well enjoy this show too.

June | Daily | BabyTV | Ch 305