Most Wanted Sharks

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Most Wanted Sharks

Sharks don’t have many natural predators and as they grow older and larger, they become the most formidable hunters under the sea. Despite some sharks being many times larger than the average man (and having very sharp teeth and powerful jaws), there are those who choose to swim among them with the hopes of capturing these amazing specimens on camera. In this show, we’ll be diving with some of the biggest shark stars ever, literally, from the most photographed shark in history to the great white so big it eats other great whites for dinner, also literally.

Monday at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221, on July 20th)


July is the month of sharks on National Geographic Wild. Our daily 6 PM slot will be dedicated to learning more about these feared and misunderstood pointy-toothed predators, from how they operate, the dangers we pose to them and they pose to us, and how we’re using technology to

Every day at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221, July)