My Heart is Yours

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My Heart is Yours

We start Ana’s story when she and her friend Jennifer are struggling to buy a property which neither of them can actually afford. Ana works as a performer in a gentleman’s club at night so her income isn’t very dependable, but together she and Jennifer, by cutting a lot of corners, could manage to keep their beautiful home.

Unfortunately, fate intervenes and an expensive tragedy leaves both completely bereft and unable to afford their house and the new expenses thrust upon them. The only path Ana can see forward is to beg her boss a loan, which he grants, on the condition that she performs exclusively for him at his infamous establishment, every night, for a full year. The contract puts a severe damper on Ana’s wish to become a world-famous performer but considering her current predicament she decides it’s best to just grin and bear it for the time being.

Sooner rather than later, the financial necessities of life begin to take their toll again, and Ana decides to find herself a second job which lands in her lap after some unforeseen confusion: she is now the nanny to seven (7) children who live in a grand mansion.

At first glad for the extra income, she soon realizes that her day-job wasn’t going to be an easy one, for the children under her care have quite the reputation for making the lives of their nannies miserable, and many have left before her. Luckily her cheerful demeanour and optimistic attitude soon win over the hearts and minds of the children, along with that of their father, Fernando.

Fernando is a bit of a stickler for the rules, so Ana assumes that it would be best if her nightly exploits were kept hidden from him. Keeping this secret becomes more and more difficult as the two slowly fall in love with one another.

To complicate matters further, Ana isn’t the only one interested in Fernando, and Fernando isn’t the only one interested in Ana. Despite their deep feelings for each other, Fernando is the perfect suitor to Isabella, a well cultured and wealthy woman who has made her interest in him clear. Ana, for her part, is being courted by Fernando’s younger brother David, a charismatic and adventurous man set on winning her heart.

Is Fernando and Ana’s love written in the stars or will their incompatible lives tear the two apart?

Mondays to Fridays at 7:30 AM on TLNovelas (ch 139; episode repeats at 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM; omnibus on weekends at 3:10 PM)