Narco Wars (S2)

Narco Wars (S2)

It’s a common misconception, believing that the Mafia didn’t deal drugs back in the day. As far as the public is concerned, when illicit narcotics started doing the rounds on the streets of America, the old crime bosses wanted no part in it. The theories behind this imagined avoidance were twofold.

The most popular theory is that they wanted to avoid snitches. A heavy-handed government meant serious jail time for men caught selling drugs. These men would then become informants against the Mafia in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The second theory, made famous by the movies, is that the Mafia had the best interests of their community at heart. They refused to trade in such a destructive product because narcotics tore down communities.

Both these theories are complete hogwash. The thing about The Mafia is that profit is king. If drugs made a ton of money, which they certainly did, then a few snitches and ruined homes here and there is a price worth paying.

Historians have known about the Mafia’s drug dealings since the beginning, but the public kept believing the myth that the Mafia didn’t trade in drugs.

In the second season of Narco Wars, we dispel the old myth for good. We gathered first-hand accounts from people directly involved in Mafia dealings, from hired killers and undercover agents to members of the actual Mob. They admit that the Mafia not only dealt drugs but played a huge role in getting America hooked on narcotics in the first place.

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From Thursday, 5 August

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse