New York Fashion Week: 2021 Spring Summer: ADDY Selects

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New York Fashion Week

2021 Spring/Summer: ADDY Selects

Following World War II, French fashion was all the rage. American fashion designers were frustrated because they weren’t getting attention. Even American publications like Vogue filled their pages with French designs, practically ignoring local designers.

Eleanor Lambert, a press director of The New York Dress Institute (now closed), sought to change the situation. Press Week was born (1943), where American designers would show off their work to fashion journalists.

Her attempt was successful. Soon, New Your Fashion Week was born. It became part of the “Big 4” of fashion weeks, joining Paris, London and Milan.

In the wake of the virus, some fashion studios withdrew their involvement in the show, but those that remained took whole new approaches. Some chose to pre-record exclusive runway shows with little to no audience. Others went the digital route: creating full virtual experiences.

FashionBOX will be taking a look at this unprecedented affair in an 8-episode exploration of this year’s Spring/Summer show.

Wednesday at 9 PM on FashionBOX (ch 282) from Wednesday, 19 May

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse