Nilma Dengzopa

Nilma Dengzopa

Oh, young love. Few things are as passionate, fewer, as foolish.

Pema lost her heart to a boy from Mumbai, but their love affair would cost her far more than she ever imagined.

Pema’s family disapproved of the relationship, so she ran away from home and abandoned her studies to be with the one she loved the most.

At first, things seemed to be going well. The boy from Mumbai was the breadwinner, and Pema had three wonderful daughters. It all came crashing down, however, when Pema lost the love of her life.

The boy from Mumbai had left them destitute, and the loss of their home was the final straw. Pema had learned a valuable lesson: never place all of your wellbeings on the shoulders of a single man.

It’s a lesson she will pass down to her children, as she does her best to keep them clothed and fed. Nilma Dengzopa is their story.

On COLORS (ch 552)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse