Noddy in Toyland

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Noddy in Toyland

In a world of toys, there is a town for everyone: Toyland. Here you will find every sort of toy: Toy cars, fairies, teddies and even smart little robots. Toyland is a wonderful little town where just about everyone gets along well. There are little houses where the toys live, little schools where the little toys go and little shops where you can buy and fix whatever you need.

The most famous toy in all of Toyland is the little boy called Noddy. He is friends with everyone and knows every resident by name. He’s a kind fellow who loves having fun, but sometimes things go all wrong on his adventures. It’s then up to him and his friends to solve the town’s problems so that everyone can live in happiness.

Come join the adventures Noddy and all his friends over in Toyland. Maybe you can make your own Toyland out of your own toys and have them all go on adventures together.

Mondays to Fridays at 9:30 AM on DreamWorks (ch 301)