Oceans of the Solar System

Oceans of the Solar System on Da Vinci on StarSat

Oceans of the Solar System

There is no life without water. There are seven characteristics that all life shares, one of which is to comprise of at least a single cell. Every cell we have ever found needs water to exist.

For a very long time, we’ve believed that Earth is the only celestial body in our solar system to contain liquid water, but not anymore. Recently, we’ve discovered that some of the scars on Mars look awfully similar to the ones on Earth created by water flow. Deep below the surface of Mars, there may be conditions that allow for life, much like the life we have on earth near volcanic ducts on the ocean floor.

Some scientists believe that the only reason cells on Earth depend on the water is because it’s the most useful and abundant liquid available. In places that have no water or oxygen there may very well be cells that have evolved to consist of liquids besides water that, although they would not be nearly as adaptable, they could survive.

On Saturn’s moon, we’ve found lakes of liquid methane which, if alternative life forms exist, could be found there.

We could be on the cusp of discovering extra-terrestrial life in our very solar system! Join us as we explore the possibilities in this special program this Sunday at 10 PM!

Sunday, 6th of September at 10 PM on Da Vinci (ch 308)