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Ode to Joy

Fan Shengmei, Guan Ju’er and Qui Yingying are small-town friends who moved into a Shanghai apartment together in the Ode to Joy community to start a new life. As with many apartments you live in very close proximity to other people, and soon the three meet their two new neighbours:

Andy is an intelligent CFO of a huge corporation and is doing very well for herself, and Qu Xiaoxiao is a cute and charming descendent of a wealthy family.

As you can guess due to their very different backgrounds and histories, these women are all very different. Life, however, is difficult, and it soon becomes evident that all of their lives will be richer and easier if they start helping each other out. Together they’ll face the city’s challenges, as well as the challenges brought on by work, relationships and family.

From 05 December | Weekdays | 20:40 | ST Sino Drama | ch 130

From 17 December | Weekdays | 16:50 | ST Zone | ch 129

From 20 December | Weekdays | 21:30 | ST Novella E Plus | ch 128 | Super Package