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Just before her bedtime, Olivia always sings her goodnight song:

“They say goodnight Olivia your big day is through,
But how can I sleep, there’s still so much to do!
It looks like I’m tucked inside snug in my bed,
But tomorrow is chasing today through my head,
Will I climb the highest mountain top?
Or will I paint my masterpiece?
Go ride a bronco win the rodeo,
Or wow the crowd on my trapeze?
Princess, doctor, author, astronaut,
From jungles dark to oceans deep,
I’ll do anything go anywhere,
Just don’t ask me to go, to, sleep,
There’s still, so much to do,

Just like her song, Olivia imagines all she could be one day. This first-grader uses her vivid imagination to come up with clever ways to solve her everyday problems. Never one to be disheartened, her positive can-do attitude is infectious and inspirational.

She’s never alone in her adventures, though. Her mum and dad are always willing to give a helping hand. Olivia has lots of friends who often join in the fun.

This award-winning animation is based on the award-winning books by author and illustrator Ian Falconer. Every episode shows three of Olivia’s adventures, each with its own lesson to teach.

It’s playful enough to keep the young one’s attention, but not silly that grown-ups can’t enjoy it too.

Mondays to Fridays at 9 AM on DreamWorks (ch 301) from Monday, 7 June

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse