ONE Championship Enter The Dragon on ST Sports Arena on StarSat


Once more the ONE Championship ring is going to Singapore for another action-packed event. The main even is a big one, with Shinya Aoki taking on Christian Lee. If you don’t know those names I don’t blame you, neither do I, so let’s jump into who these fellows are so we can get excited together.

Shinya Aoki

The first bloke is Shinya Aoki. This guy is a bad-ass and a veteran fighter. He’s got a black belt Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he’s an A-Class Shoot Wrestler so he knows his stuff. He’s been fighting since 2003 and has a total of 52 MMA fights under his belt. His win to loss ratio is crazy, winning 43 times (mostly by submission and decision) and only losing 8 times (mostly by knockout). He is currently the ONE Lightweight World Champion (his fourth time holding the belt) and he decided he’s going to defend it against Christian Lee, a young up-and-comer who he’s trained together with for years. Mr Aoki says he would rather face young athletes climbing the ranks because fighting other veterans isn’t enough of a challenge. I guess the spunk, fitness and less predictability that comes with younger fighters are more exciting to him.

Christian Lee

Christian Lee also knows his way around the ring since he’s been doing various forms of martial arts since he was young. He’s also a much-decorated fighter, having already won six Pankration World Championships. Pankration for those who don’t know (including me like five minutes ago) is basically hard-core wrestling, where the only illegal moves are biting and eye-gouging. Mr Lee is quite the tough guy in his own right. When it comes to MMA he looks like a newbie, having an 11 to 3 win-loss count. Despite that, I wouldn’t count the guy out. This is certainly going to be a battle worth watching.

Speaking of watching, the video below is the trailer for the upcoming fight:

This isn’t the only show-stopper expected on the night, because another two champions are going head-to-head to be the first crowned as the ONE Super Series Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion. It’ll be Nieky Holzken up against Regian Eersel.

Nieky Holzken

Nieky Holzken has been boxing since he was 10, and since dropping out of school at 16 he’s racked up over a hundred professional wins: 14 in professional boxing (1 loss) and 92 in kick-boxing (14 losses). He really deserves his nickname “The Natural”.

Regian Eersel

Regian Eersel seems like he knows his stuff, having won both a Lion Fight Super Middleweight World Champion and an MFC Kickboxing World Champion belt. He’s got 53 wins (4 losses) which isn’t something to be scoffed at.

By all accounts this should be one hell of a fight, and both men are known for being entertaining to look at so it should be fun to watch as well. Below is a trailer video for the fight.

There are a whole host of other battles that will take place on the day but in this industry there isn’t much attention given to smaller fights. You can find the fight card here if you’re interested.

17 May | Friday | 14:30 | ST Sports Arena | Ch 241