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Operation Moscow

Operation Moscow on ST Kung Fu on StarSat (mobile)

Bringing to justice the mosters among men

When Russia opened herself up to international trade it was bursting with opportunity. Thousands of Chinese traders emigrated from Beijing to Russia to capitalize on the situation and to build a better life. Unfortunately, these hard-working families weren’t the only sort to capitalize on the situation: Organized gangs recognized that when a mass of traders only have one way to get to Moscow, and that’s stuck on a train for six days, it presents a different kind of opportunity.

During 1993 a horrific series of crimes occurred which is now known as the “Trans-Siberian Train Robbery” incident: when organized gangs robbed immigrant traders and raped their women. A special investigative team was formed, led by Earl Chen, whose sole task is to track down the gang bosses involved in the incidents and to bring them to justice. This is their story.

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