Operation Ouch! COVID-19 Special: Virus Alert!

Operation Ouch! COVID-19 Special Virus Alert! on DaVinci on StarSat (optimized)

Operation Ouch! COVID-19 Special: Virus Alert!

The coronavirus is very scary. People all over the world have gotten sick, and some have passed away. Schools and businesses were closed in the lockdown, and we can’t go anywhere without wearing a mask.

What is the coronavirus, where did it come from, and how does it spread? What does it do to you once you have it? These are questions that we all need to know if we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Luckily, Dr Xand, Dr Ronx and Dr Chris at “Operation Ouch!” are here to help. They know you’ve got a lot of questions and they’re gonna try and answer all of them.

Oh no! Dr Xand looks like he might have gotten infected! What’s going to happen to him? Luckily Dr Ronx is there to help both him and her other patients recover. Fortunately, we know how to treat people with coronavirus, and most people make full recoveries. In bad cases, we need to put patients on ventilators to help them breathe. Dr Chris will be explaining to us how they work. He’ll also be sharing with us some news regarding a vaccine. Hopefully, we will soon be able to inoculate the young, and the virus will die out completely.

Catch this one-off special episode to learn all you need to know to protect yourself, your friends and your family.

Sunday, September 20th at 3 PM on DaVinci (ch 308)