Outpatients (Season 3)

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Outpatients (Season 3)

Elective cosmetic surgery gets a bad rap because it’s often believed that people who do that sort of thing are simply shallow and narcissistic (barring, of course, the most extreme cases of mutilation and birth defects). It’s not that simple though. No matter how strongly you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, multiple studies have shown that a person’s beauty has a direct influence on their wellbeing throughout life.

Besides the confidence boost attractive people enjoy, the benefits don’t end at receiving more positive attention from strangers. Attractive people also make better money and get promoted quicker (on average) than their less attractive peers.

This is likely because our brains like to lob positive attributes together. Subconsciously, we are more likely to notice a person’s positive aspects if they are attractive and to notice their faults if they are not. This is why it’s so important to wear a suit to an interview.

It’s undeniable that both internal and external drivers of happiness are directly influenced by one’s attractiveness. Elective cosmetic surgery is therefore not simply selfish wish fulfilment, but a way to truly improve people’s lives.

Dr Cathy Davies has been improving people’s lives at her successful Johannesburg practice for many years now. An expert in medical aesthetic procedures, Dr Cathy deals with everything from hair restoration (which she’s famous for) to skin grafts for burn victims, all in the service of a better life. In Outpatients, we get to experience the stories of her patients from start to finish.

Dr Cathy believes that not everything can be solved with surgeon’s tools, so she first assesses the needs of her patients to make sure that the operating table is the best course of action for them. After that it’s important to assess her patient’s expectations, making sure they’re in the right frame of mind before going through with any procedures. Once the date is set we get to speak to the different experts involved in these complex procedures to understand what their roles are. Dr Cathy also explains the technical aspects behind the cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques they implement. Finally, we get to see the results of the surgery and hear how the patient’s life has improved post-op.

This series is a fascinating, genuine and heartfelt window into the world of elective cosmetic surgery. Watch the third season on FOXlife starting next week Monday on StarSat at 8 PM.

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