Over Australia (2-part special)

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Over Australia (2-part special)

Australia might be famous for its koala bears and kangaroos, but their mountain ranges and deserts are wonders to behold.

Officially, Australia’s deserts cover over 1.3 million square kilometres of the continent, 18% of its landmass. Effectively, however, up to 35% of Australia can be considered a desert due to their low annual rainfall. Despite this, their deserts receive relatively high rainfall compared to other deserts around the globe and are known to flood during the rainy season.

The Grand Dividing Range isn’t one continuous mountain range; it consists of several mountains, hills and plateaus, and stretches for over 3 500 km. It’s the 5th longest land-based mountain range in the world. It was a formidable obstacle to British settlers, spanning 160 km wide at its narrowest and over 300 km at its widest. The star of the mountain range is Mount Kosciuszko. Mainland Australia’s tallest mountain at 2 228 meters above sea level.

These vast and ever-changing spans of earth create extreme climates for its inhabitants. Over Australia looks at how different species have adapted to these challenging habitats.

Saturday, 19 June from 7:30 PM on Love Nature (ch 224)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse