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People Magazine Investigates: Cults

When you hear the word ‘cult’, the first thing you might think is that it’s a crazy bunch of stupid people who get brain-washed by some charismatic religious leader and it all happens behind closed doors where no one’s allowed to leave. That’s not too far from the truth. The only problem with that is believing that cultists are stupid. Almost all cultists are actually normal people like you and me who were simply duped into believing some crazy stuff because they believed it would bring them happiness, and manipulated into staying. Even respected doctors and lawyers have become cultists.

People Magazine takes a look at some famous cults, including Charles Manson’s 60s commune in California and Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult, both of which ended in a multitude of deaths, and examines each case to try to figure out what lead these people to do such horrible things and to believe such seemingly obvious hogwash. This is done through eye-witness accounts of those who managed to escape or survive the cults, and through the accounts of the journalists who covered the stories. Don’t miss this series if you’re curious about cults.

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