People Magazine Investigates (Season 4) on ID on StarSat

People Magazine Investigates (Season 4)

People Magazine Investigates (Season 4) on ID on StarSat (mobile)

Not all news stories are made the same. Some news stories are so dramatic and shocking that they transcend the daily news and become a part of popular culture.

In this series, the trusted journalists of People Magazine delve deep into stories that have made national headlines. On their quest to get behind the full story they will hold exclusive interviews with the people who were closely involved in the cases and hunt for new evidence to shed a light on the crucial details others have missed.

Get ready for shocking twists, turns and revelations as the team explore heart-wrenching stories of ordinary people thrust into the national spotlight. Catch the fourth season every Thursday at 9:50 p.m. on ID channel 223 starting from November 28.

Thursdays at 21:50 on ID (ch 223 from the 28th of November)