Postman Pat: Clowns Around

Postman Pat Clowns Around on JimJam on StarSat

The children are so excited to see the circus come to town! It’s not often that an act of such fun finds its way to the town of little old Greendale.

Oh no! The circus has cancelled their visit!

The Greendale children are all understandably upset. They were so looking forward to it. Bill doesn’t like to see sad children and has to think of something to cheer them up… How about the villagers stage their own circus act?

Pat thinks this is a grand idea and helps Bill to round up the adults of the town to participate, starting with the assembly of the Big Top tent.

All the children are very enthusiastic about the whole thing. Every one of them is practising their acts in the hopes of amazing the village folk. Everyone except Bill that is. He can’t for the life of him think of what he’s going to do.

Pat comes to the rescue and suggests that Bill does a clowning routine. Just like that Pat is dragged into the fun and they go about preparing for the big day. Will it all go according to plan? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, 7th of June, 12:09 on JimJam (ch 303)