Postman Pat’s Great Big Birthday

Postman Pat’s Great Big Birthday on JimJam on StarSat

Birthdays are a special thing. Once a year everyone gets to dedicate a whole entire day just to celebrate the fact that you’re alive. Unfortunately, grown-ups sometimes have to work on their birthdays, and Postman Pat has to do so too. Luckily his family wishes him well and he starts his rounds happy as a lark.

His happiness doesn’t last very long though, for every time he drops the post off, no one wishes him a happy birthday. Could it be that they all forgot?

What Postman Pat doesn’t know is that the whole town has a plan up their sleeves. They’re planning a surprise party for Postman Pat with music, food, friends and crazy machines! Come and join the party!

Saturday, June 13th, on JimJam (ch 303)