Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure

Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure on JimJam on StarSat

The kids are having a blast playing pirate in Mom’s garden when Dad Pat comes home with a postcard. Cousin Matt is coming for a visit from America, and he’s arriving today!

“Ahoy landlubbers!” says a voice right outside. Oh my, it’s Cousin Matt and he’s all dressed up as a sailor. The kids are overcome with joy when Cousin Matt tells them of the ship he’s hired and they beg him to see it.

On their way to the boat, they come across Reverent Tims who recognises Cousin Matt immediately. The last time they laid eyes on each other was when Cousin Matt was but a child. It was the same year that the Greendale Cup went missing: the grand prize of the annual flower show made of pure silver.

That was no coincidence, as Cousin Matt tells them later, for he’s the one who stole the Greendale cup all those years ago! “Steal” is a strong word, however, for all that Cousin Matt was trying to do was to have a bit of fun: the villagers would go treasure hunting for the cup and it would be found in time for the flower show, giving everyone who wasn’t participating in the show something fun to do.

Problem is, that soon after burying the treasure, Cousin Matt became gravely ill with chickenpox, and forgot all about the game he wanted everyone to play. Soon after recovering his family moved to America and the cup was never seen again. Once Matt remembered his mistake he felt terrible about it, and as soon as he could, he came back to the village to find what he had lost.

Now, armed with a treasure map and a crew of willing pirates, Pat, Cousin Matt, the children, Polly the ship cat, and the black and white cat, go treasure hunting. Join the fun as the crew try to find the hidden treasure in time for this year’s flower show!

Sunday, June 17th, at 12:09 PM on JimJam (ch 303)