Precious Pearl

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Jealousy is an ugly thing, but love can overcome anything.

Manfred and Franz are brothers and their father is the head of the jewellery empire Hauser Group: Ernest Hauser. Franz is set to take over the family estate one day, but only because Manfred is Ernest’s bastard son, and will inherit nothing. This makes Manfred a tad resentful of the Hausers and very jealous of Franz. Ernest’s stubborn unwillingness to show Manfred any affection whatsoever turns this jealousy into hatred.

Hating someone is one thing, but wanting them dead is a whole different matter. Whilst both brothers were mountain climbing with Ernest and Mundo, Manfred saw his chance to rid himself of Franz forever: While preparing Franz’s rope for the descent down the mountain, Manfred used his knife to weaken it in the hopes that its inevitable failure will end in Franz’s death.

“SNAP!” went the rope, but Franz was lucky enough to slide down onto a precarious ledge injuring only his left leg and shouting for help. The climbing party jumped into action and sent Manfred down to save Franz, unaware that the entire incident was his doing. On his way down the mountain, that dreaded exclamation came: “Avalanche!” Both Franz and Manfred were swept off the edge of the mountain by the mass of snow.

Manfred was found, but the three of them could not find Franz. Fearing him dead and buried in the snow, they went home to grieve and recover. Seeing no other air to his empire, Ernest announces that Manfred should take over the family estate. Manfred achieved his dreams.

Unfortunately for Manfred, Franz wasn’t dead. The reason they couldn’t find his body is that two passing Buddhist monks saw Franz collapse in the snow while he was making his way down the mountain. Franz awoke in the care of the monks and made a new friend, the spiritual leader Ananda. Once fully recovered Ananda bid him farewell and promised that they would meet again.

Everyone was surprised to see Franz alive and back home, but Manfred was upset. Once more, Franz had taken from him what he dreamed of having. This would not go unpunished: Manfred will do everything in his power to ruin Franz’s life.

Franz, blissfully unaware of his brother’s treachery, goes about his normal life. One day he happened upon Amelia, a poor, gentle and hardworking woman, and they both fall madly in love. Soon after they have a daughter together and they name her Pearl. Unfortunately, after another scheme cooked up in the dark mind of Manfred goes according to plan, Amelia finds herself imprisoned for a decade, leaving Franz to raise their daughter.

The Buddhist monks learned of Pearl’s birth after Master Ananda’s death, and are convinced that she’s his reincarnation. She, upon becoming old enough to study at the temple, embraces the chance to become a monk. Her caring hands and loving demeanour charm everyone around her as she seeks to bring love and harmony to all. Will her heart be strong enough to overcome the challenges her friends and family face?

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