Predator at Large

Predator at Large on ID on StarSat o2

Are we ever truly safe?

When looking for a home that your family can move into and settle down, one of the most common requirements is looking for a ‘safe’ environment. Problem is, how do you make sure that a neighbourhood is actually safe, and how do you know your neighbours are decent people? After all, a low crime rate could just mean very clever criminals.

In this chilling series, we take a look at rapists and killers who struck seemingly peaceful neighbourhoods without warning. The victim’s family, friends and neighbours describe the shock they felt when these crimes were reported. Shock turned to fear when detectives noticed that these weren’t simply random crimes but premeditated murders.

Fear flooded the residents knowing that they had a killer on the loose in their neighbourhood. It could be anyone, even someone they thought they knew for years, and no one is safe until the killer has been caught.

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