Princess Weiyang on ST Kung Fu on StarSat

Princess Weiyang

Northern Liang used to be a very nice place to live. Xin’er liked it a lot. She’s the princess of this land and is tasked with, together her parents to rule the land justly. Xin’er would have liked to become queen of her land one day after her parents eventually step down, and lead the land into a happy, peaceful and prosperous future.

This, however, is a dream that will never come true. A coup d’état led by a marshal of a rival clan eradicated the entire royal bloodline save for her.

A lesser woman would have fled to a far-away land and made a life in the country somewhere to live out the rest of her life in peace, but not Xin’er. She decided instead to assume the identity of the daughter of the Prime Minister of Northern Wei, where the rival clan is located, and she’s got revenge on her mind.