Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf on Stingray Classica on StarSat

Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf

Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf on Stingray Classica on StarSat (mobile)

This show was first conceived as a way to teach young children the different instruments in an orchestra. Each character of our story is represented by a different instrument while the narrator tells us the story.

The Bird is represented by the flute; The Duck by the oboe; The Cat by the clarinet; The Grandfather by the bassoon; The Wolf by the French horns; The Hunters by the woodwind and trumpet theme, with gunshots of timpani and bass drum; and Peter, our hero, by the strings of the violin, viola, cello and double bass.

One day Peter leaves the gate open to go frolic in the meadow alone to the fury of his Grandfather. A Wolf appears as his Grandfather warned and gobbles up the Duck, who had been arguing with the Bird but a moment ago. The Bird and Peter work together to capture the Wolf. They soon convince the pursuing Hunters to rather parade the Wolf in the streets than to kill it on sight. It’s a very entertaining romp that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Britten-Pears Orchestra & Marin Alsop do us the pleasure of performing this classic tale which was composed by Sergei Prokofiev back in 1936.

Saturday at 21:00 on Stingray Classica (ch 332 on the 16th of November)