Kuzkun has been living on the streets since he was eight years old. His father died in prison, leaving the young boy to fend for himself.

Kuzkun doesn’t blame his father, however. His father got sent to prison not for breaking the law but for refusing to break it.

A drug lord wanted to escape, but Kuzkun’s father, a respected police officer, refused to be bribed. In retaliation, Kuzkun’s father got arrested for a crime he did not commit. He died in police custody shortly after.

Twenty years later, Kuzkun has acquired the skills and strength needed to avenge his father. Justice is not what he seeks. The law has let down Kuzkun and his father before, and he will not let that happen again.

The plan was simple. 1: infiltrate the drug lord’s gang. 2: find out who was involved in his father’s murder. And 3: deliver upon them savage vengeance.

The plan got complicated, however, when Kuzkun ran into his schoolboy crush: the beautiful Dila.

Kuzkun is conflicted. On the one hand, he has the power to avenge his father’s death. But on the other lies the heart of his childhood sweetheart. Will he choose duty or love?

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From Monday, 2 August

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse