Raw Terror

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Raw Terror

There is never just one victim when it comes to murder.  A person’s sudden and violent death can send shockwaves through an entire community, doing the most harm to those closest to the deceased.

This series focuses its attention on the ones that are left behind.  The ones that have to mourn the death of a loved one.  The ones that have to sleep through the nightmares and deal with the trauma.  The ones who can never talk about what they’ve been through or risk breaking down completely.

We follow these people as they reveal everything they felt when they got the call that the one they loved has died at the hands of another. Their deepest, darkest and saddest thoughts come to light, contextualized by the commentaries of experts in law enforcement.  This emotional journey captures the disturbing consequences that follow someone’s murder and illustrate how the pain can last for many years after the act.

Tuesday at 9 PM on ID (ch 223, on 21 July)