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Ricky Zoom

Come join us in a world where everyone’s a motorcycle! We follow Ricky Zoom and all motorbike friends in their daily adventures as they get in and out of trouble and learn valuable lessons along the way. Each has its own personality and gadgets to use to save the day.

Ricky Zoom, our little star, is an adventurous red sports bike who loves taking charge. Always the first to jump to action, Ricky is ready to come up with an idea or two to help the ragtag crew. Ricky has a spoiler and high-tech visor, which lets him go super-fast and analyse situations. He also has two grappling hooks which come in very useful.

Scootio has the most storage space and the coolest gadgets. This little yellow scooter has a pop-up cellphone where she can find relevant videos to show her friends. She also has a camera drone that allows her to see things from the sky and help our friends find things.

Loop is a blue scrambler who’s very excitable and always speaks his mind. Loop’s goofy personality keeps the friends entertained, and they like having him around. He has two jet boosters he can use to go really fast or to jump over high obstacles. He can go where no one else can!

DJ is a three-wheel motorbike and the muscle of the group. If you need something fixed, smashed, or dragged, you can count on DJ to get it done.

Toot is Ricky’s little sister. The purple sports bike is super chill and tends to just roll with things. She likes rolling her eyes at her silly big brother when he sometimes tries too hard, but she loves him nonetheless.

Every episode is its own short, self-contained adventure. The animation is well done, and the voices are great.

Join the fun every Thursday at 11:03 AM on JimJam (ch 303).
From Thursday, 16 September

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse