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River of Passion

The things one does for love… Felipe Guerra works at a cattle ranch as the foreman. On a party boat, he sees a woman drive to and fro on the river and she captures all his attention. Felipe is a gentleman so he wants to do the right thing and marry Lina Maria Henao. Lina, however, is rolling in dough, and in Felipe feels the only way he can win her hand in marriage is if he can provide for her.

Foremen don’t make a ton of money and Felipe is concerned that Lina might run off with some other dude while he’s working to make a living, so time is of the essence. An opportunity presents itself when a million dollar reward is offered for the capture of the drug lord Miguel de jesus Ortega. Capturing the heart of a well-off woman who can get any man she wishes is hard enough. Add to that trying to scheme a drug-lord into getting captured while also keeping a day-job makes for riveting drama and intrigue.

From 16 April | Daily | 18:00 | ST Swahili | Ch 400