Robocar Poli on JimJam on StarSat

Robocar Poli

Roads are the lifeblood of cities: without them no one would be able to get to where they’re going so everything will come to a standstill. With their unbelievable usefulness roads come with their own set of dangers: from speeding cars to careless pedestrians and careless behaviour. Protecting the citizens of the city (and teaching them a few life lessons along the way) Robocar Poli and his friends are there to help.

The show teaches toddlers about road safety using simple 2D animation sections that illustrate the dangers and why they occur clearly. The animation is smooth and the voice acting is decent so it’ll keep your toddlers engaged and teach them a thing or two.

From 17 April | Daily | 09:46 & 18:14 | Jim Jam | Ch 303