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Everything’s more fun when you do it with a friend, even when that thing is surviving in the wilderness with nothing more than a knife and flint. Bear Grylls takes us on his epic adventures of survival but this time he’s not alone. Along for each of his journeys is a celebrity who gets way outside of their comfort zone and who learns a few things in the process. From Marvel superheroes to Academy Award winners, we get to tag along and see how the stars handle the gritty real world. Luckily with Bear there, they’ll probably come out the other side okay, if with a bit thicker skin.

Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on National Geographic (ch 220)

Here are some of the episodes and stars to look forward to:

Tuesday, 25 February at 1 pm: Armie Hammer in Sardinia.

Wednesday, 26 February at 9 pm: Dave Bautista in Glen Canyon, Arizona.

Saturday, 29 February:

  • at 4:20 pm: Cara Delevingne in Sardinia Mountains.
  • at 5:10 pm: Joel McHale in Arizona Slot Canyons.
  • at 6:05 pm: Brie Larson in the Pearl Islands.

Wednesday, 4 March at 9 pm: Channing Tatum in the Mountains of Norway.

Wednesday, 11 March at 9 pm: Alex Honnold in the Swiss Alps

Wednesday, 18 March at 9 pm: Bobby Bones in Norway Fjords

Sunday, 22 March at 2:35 pm: Rob Riggle in Iceland.

Wednesday, 25 March at 9 pm: Zachary Quinto in the Panama Jungle.