Satellite TV Options

Satellite TV Options

Your Satellite TV Options in South Africa 

Digital viewing entertainment has always been very expensive and therefore not very accessible to all South Africans. For starters, South Africa still suffers from slow Internet connections, limiting online streaming services for residential areas to lower quality and fewer concurrent connections. When it comes to live sports streaming, the major international networks are simply not available in South Africa, forcing locals to rely on digital satellite television to watch live sporting events instead.

As a result, major satellite TV providers in South Africa take advantage of this situation by raising their prices frequently, posing the question whether it is worth the money. StarSat offers an affordable alternative to sporting and entertainment viewing by having high-value packages to choose from. We offer a Special package for R99 p/m*, giving you access to 40 television channels and 25 audio channels, with our upgraded Super package granting access to 80 television channels, along with the 25 audio channels. We also offer a variety of add-on packages to serve as additional satellite TV options for specific viewing preferences.

Additional Satellite TV Options 

Our options for extra channels on our satellite TV network start with our Sports+ package, offering premium sporting content and live broadcasts for your viewing pleasure at only R99 p/m for the package. The additional channels provide access to various international sporting leagues such as the Bundesliga and the Pakistan Super League. We also offer language-specific satellite TV options, like our Chinese package that adds 17 additional TV channels specifically chosen for a Chinese viewing audience, tailored to these viewers’ language and cultural preferences.

Our StarSat Indian package provides a satellite TV option for our Indian viewers, adding nine viewing channels to your bouquet for Indian movies and Novellas to entertain viewers. Our final language-based satellite TV option is our French package, granting access to ten additional television channels and available as a standalone package as well. As a result, StarSat offers comprehensive and affordable satellite TV options for your residential viewing pleasure that can be tailored specifically to your personal preferences, giving you the entertainment you want at an affordable monthly fee.

StarSat can be the perfect alternative to expensive satellite television access or online subscriptions for you, with a range of affordable packages to ensure that you will always enjoy your viewing on our network. For more information about our channels and packages, feel free to peruse our website for prices or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let StarSat be your 1st choice in viewing pleasure and save yourself some money in the process.

* All pricing correct at time of writing – March 2018. Please check the “Packages” page for latest pricing.