Satellite TV Providers

Local Satellite TV Providers 

When it comes to satellite TV providers in South Africa, only a handful of companies can be of assistance to give your household access to a proper digital satellite television network. With recent price increases from the major satellite TV provider in South Africa, combined with the increase in VAT, being able to afford access to a satellite network has become more difficult in 2018. Due to the restricted local Internet speeds, digital streaming options in South Africa are limited as well, not to mention monthly subscription services to these streaming networks.

As anyone can see, South Africa has fallen behind by quite a large extent regarding digital streaming services, especially with the sub-standard Internet options still being provided to many residential areas. StarSat provides a viable and affordable solution to these problems by offering satellite TV at affordable monthly payments, with various packages and extra options to add to your bouquet, including a couple of language options that come with specific channels aimed at catering for people speaking specific languages. If you have never heard of StarSat before, let us introduce you to one of the most affordable satellite TV providers in South Africa.

Our Packages 

StarSat offers a variety of packages to ensure that your viewing experience is optimised for your personal preferences. As one of the most exciting satellite TV providers in South Africa, we offer a couple of standardised packages for a wide selection of channels, starting with our StarSat Special package. This package will only cost you R99 p/m*, with 40 TV channels and 25 audio channels included in our Special package, granting access to all the local channels, as well as popular international TV channels that cover entertainment for all ages, news channels, and popular movies and series.

Should you want more, our StarSat Super package comes in at R199 p/m, granting you access to 80 TV channels and 25 audio channels for even more viewing options. A few calculations will show that you will be paying a rounded R2,50 per TV channel p/m, which is considerably cheaper than other major satellite TV providers, not to mention the 25 audio channels that will ensure that you will always have some music to listen to.

For the sports lovers, our StarSat Sports+ package adds premium sporting channels to your bouquet at an additional cost of R99 p/m, bringing you a live sporting events as they happen, with international leagues such as the Bundesliga only a click of the remote away. We also offer language-based packages for our Chinese, French, and Indian viewers in South Africa, adding specific channels that not only focus on their specific languages, but are also culture-friendly for their viewing pleasure. In the end, StarSat is a leading satellite TV provider option in South Africa regarding pricing and channel selection.

Should you want more information about our channels and packages, feel free to peruse our website for details or contact us directly with any enquiries. Take advantage of having an affordable alternative satellite TV provider and stop overpaying for channels that are not tailored to your specific preferences. Let StarSat provide you with the entertainment you really want and save you some money in the process.

* All pricing correct at time of writing – March 2018. Please check the “Packages” page for latest pricing.