Satellite TV Providers

The Joys of Satellite TV

Nothing quite compares to having a plethora of channels to choose from when you throw on the television set at any given time. Satellite TV providers have made it possible for us to enjoy worldwide entertainment, sport, and news at the click of a button on a remote control. Even though DStv might be the popular choice in terms of satellite TV providers in South Africa, StarSat offers an affordable alternative that caters specifically for your preferences. 

Our Channels 

As one of the popular satellite TV providers in South Africa, StarSat offers a selection of channels on our network that will not only entertain, but also inform. Starting with local channels, we offer SABC 1, 2, and 3, alongside Other local channels include KZNTV and Tshwane TV, to name a few. Although the focus of satellite TV providers in South Africa is to provide more than just local channels, it is always good to know that you have these channels available whenever you feel like enjoying some local entertainment or catch up on local news.

Apart from local and African channels, we also provide a wide selection of international channels. International news channels like Aljazeera, BBC World News, Bloomberg, and Euro Sport News will keep you well-informed as to what happens in the world around us, while channels like Fox and National Geographic will provide international entertainment in the evenings. Should you have children, channels like Jim Jam and Pop will keep them entertained for hours on end, giving you a comprehensive selection of available channels on our network.

Our Packages

StarSat offers six unique packages that will not only fit your monthly budget, but also your language and entertainment preferences. Our first option is the StarSat Special package – one of the most affordable packages that satellite TV providers can offer in South Africa. For a mere R99 p/m, you will gain access to 40 TV channels and 25 audio channels, which means that you pay as little as R1,54 per channel per month. What an incredible deal!

If you are a sports enthusiast, we offer our Sports+ package that will grant you access to our two premium sports channels for just R99 p/m. This option is ideal for soccer enthusiasts, giving you a platform to enjoy match broadcasts with your friends. Finally, we look at our full package – the StarSat Super. With this package, you will have access to 80 TV channels and 25 audio channels, for a total of 105 channels for an affordable R199 p/m. Comparing these prices with other satellite TV providers in South Africa, you will find that StarSat gives you the best value for money without dumping unwanted channels in your bouquet and forcing you to pay for them.

StarSat offers a viable and affordable way to enjoy satellite TV without breaking the bank every month. If you are looking for affordable providers, please contact us today and take advantage of the amazing packages we offer. We also offer specific packages for Chinese, French, and Indian language preferences, making StarSat your comprehensive choice for satellite TV entertainment.