Savage Kingdom 3 on NatGeo Wild on StarSat

Savage Kingdom 3

This is a documentary series about the hunters of Africa, but it is unlike what you’ve seen before. This is the raw, strong, honest portrayal of the savageness of nature at work. As with any NatGeo Wild documentary the camera work is stellar, but what puts this show at another level is the narration.

This series is an epic tale of families and tribes fighting for dominance and survival. As in the previous iterations, you will be following leopards, lions, hyenas and wild dogs, but this time around there will be new players in the form of cheetahs, jackals and baboons. You will follow the story of their families from cubs to full-grown animals all in the backdrop of the Eden of Mombo, protected land within the Okavango Delta.

This is not for the faint-hearted. This is real. All is fair in mating and war. The only rule is survival.

From 2nd June | Sundays | 18:00 | National Geographic Wild | Ch 221