Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa

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Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is a multi-award winning zoo which welcomes over a million visitors a year (before COVID). Their mission is two-fold: inspire and protect. ZooTampa believes that the future of conservation rests in the hands of future generations. Caring about animals which you’ve never seen before is hard, so a big part of ZooTampa’s strategy is connecting people with the animals.

From their custom-designed enclosures, the happy animals can be seen and enjoyed by all. To truly cement people’s connection with animals, “random animal encounters” are held daily, where kids and adults can, with the supervision of the caretakers, get hands-on experiences with the animals: they get to pet and in some cases feed them. Behind-the-scene tours give people a glimpse of what it takes to care for these amazing animals, and educational programs encourage them to become a part of their conservation efforts.

Speaking of conservation, a large part of the zoo’s duties is about rehabilitating sick and injured animals. Ideally, animals are cared for and released back into the wild, but in some cases, the animals are too young to set free, so they become part of the zoo’s family. And what a big family it is. The caretakers are responsible for over 1,100 animals. They will do whatever is required with as much love as possible to ensure their health and happiness.

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa is about showcasing the work these dedicated caretakers do and celebrating the animals they care for on a daily bases. Some of the creatures you’ll have the pleasure to see include cute otters, vicious alligators, monstrous komodo dragons, humble rhinos and majestic manatees. If you love animals and appreciate the people who care for them, this is the show to see, for the whole family.

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