Shadows from the Past

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It’s a well-known psychological truth that when it comes to success it matters far less how objectively successful you are and a lot more how successful you are compared to others, especially to those close to you. In other words, if you have your home paid off, your family car is a Mercedes Benz and your eldest son was just named captain in the local sports club, your family would be firmly in the top 2% of the planet. You’d think that you’d feel very proud of your achievements. However, you’ll probably only feel like a failure if your younger brother just bought his 3rd holiday home, got himself another Lamborghini and his eldest son just won the world cup.

Roberta Alcocer is by all accounts a successful woman living in a happy family with her husband Raymundo and her daughter Alonza. Unfortunately, the other rich family who lives in the village of Santa Lucía, the Mendozas, has their own ranch, “Las Ánimas”, and their lap of luxury is a lot more bountiful than that of the Alcocers.

A bit of jealousy is rather understandable in this sort of situation, but the Mendozas and Alcocers have a turbulent, decades-spanning history full of passion, pain and revenge. Neither family would shed a tear at the destruction of the other.

Add to that, the Mendoza’s only son, the handsome Cristóbal, isn’t that much older than the Alcocer’s only daughter, the beautiful Alonza. This is going to be a very entertaining ride.

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