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Volcanoes are mostly calm and don’t do much harm, but every once in a while they turn violent and dangerous. Sharks are the same way, and some sharks have made their homes in the waters surrounding volcanoes all over the world. These hotspots can pose a problem to the visitors of said waters and Reunion Island has gotten a reputation for the number of shark attacks it’s had in the past few years. We’ll find out why it is that the sharks around this area seem to be particularly violent and if the answer may lie in the volcano itself.

Tuesday at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221, on July 21st)


July is the month of sharks on National Geographic Wild. Our daily 6 PM slot will be dedicated to learning more about these feared and misunderstood pointy-toothed predators, from how they operate, the dangers we pose to them and they pose to us, and how we’re using technology to

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