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Hari doesn’t take life very seriously. The only reason he has a job is that it’s the only way he can afford his adventurous lifestyle. He’s always out and about doing whatever he fancies in each given moment. Unfortunately, time waits for no man, and Hari’s devil-may-care attitude has left him a chronic bachelor, which annoys his family to no end. Worse still, every time they introduce him to a potential wife, something always goes mysteriously wrong and it ruins the relationship.

Shree isn’t that much more mature than Hari. She’s delicate to a fault, extremely obedient and never had to make any hard decisions in her life. Hari falls head-over-heels for her and soon the two marry. Both families are extremely happy that the two have settled down, but not all is good in the household.

The reason Hari’s past relationships never worked out had nothing to do with cruel twists of fate, but something far more sinister: an evil spirit. Her name is Kangana and before she died, she was Shree’s fraternal twin. Her obsession with Hari kept her in this world and she has nothing better to do than to mess with Shree and Hari’s life using her supernatural powers.

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