Shuga Naija 3 on ST Rise on StarSat

Shuga Naija 3

Shuga Naija 3 on ST Rise on StarSat (mobile)

Shockingly realistic African drama

Life in Africa is challenging enough when everything is going according to plan. But “according to plan” isn’t how anything goes for very long. In this show, we’ll be following a bunch of different individuals of all ages as they deal with their unique struggles. Some just want to finish school and live a good life but inconsiderate friends and terrible events threaten to derail everything. Others don’t care about school at all and would much rather start making money on the street outside the limitations of the law. One character is trying to rebuild their reputation and another is trying to work through trauma.

This is a very realistic drama that deals with a lot of everyday problems that people have because they aren’t afraid to explore even the most contentious of issues. This isn’t a half-hour preach however for every character is interesting and their stories are engaging. If you like African dramas that portray the lives of different people then you will enjoy this one.

Fridays at 7 p.m. on ST Rise (ch 120) from December 6th