Singham Returns on StarLife on StarSat

Singham Returns

Singham Returns on StarLife on StarSat (mobile)

Butt Kicker Back in Business

Bejirao Singham is not the type of man you want to mess with. He likes solving problems with his feet and fists, and if you’re on the wrong side of the law he’ll be laying the smack-down so hard you won’t be able to commit another crime.

One day Mr Signham is transferred to Mumbai when an ambulance is fished out of a river. He is a cop but he’s not a traffic officer, so you’d need a good reason to drag him to the scene. How about a member of his old team is found dead in the back of the ambulance and loads of cash strewn all over the place. That’ll get Signham’s attention.

On his quest to find the truth behind this bizarre scene Mr Singham will go up against Satyaria Chandar, a.k.a. Babaji, a powerful, affluent and fraudulent Godman who has a whole lot of bad guys and a whole lot of guns on his side. If the deck wasn’t stacked up enough against our hero, Babaji is in bed with Prakash Rao, a corrupt politician who will do whatever it takes to protect his cash-cow.

If you’re a fan of ridiculous action and a hell of a lot of fun this is a show you have to see.

Thursday at 3 p.m. on StarLife (ch 550) on December 12th