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Sleepless in Seattle

Late at night, on her way home, Annie listens to a call-in radio show hosted by Doctor Marsha. The host just received a call from Jonah, a young boy who lost his mother a year ago. Jonah wants, more than anything, for his father to find a new wife. The kid’s father, Sam, then gets onto the radio too, because why not? It’s gone this far already so what’s the harm?

During the discussion, Sam tells Dr Marsha why he loved his wife so much, and the nation fell in love with his story, Annie being among them. The event completely changed the way Annie looked at her life and made her wonder if she should act on her new-found feelings towards a guy she heard on the radio.

On the other side of the country, Sam and Jonah have to deal with the attention they’re receiving. Sam wants to start dating again despite not having done so in years, and Jonah will only let him choose the woman he approves of.

It’s a very charming film and considered to be one of the best romance films in history. It stars Tom Hanks (Sam) and Meg Ryan (Annie), and the rest of the cast is stellar. The dialogue is hilarious and smart, and the interpersonal relationship Sam has with Jonah is refreshingly open and honest, once you get over the shock of it.

13 April | Saturday | 19:50 | ST Movies Plus | Ch 100