Someone You Thought You Knew on ID on StarSat

Someone You Thought You Knew

Someone You Thought You Knew on ID on StarSat (mobile)

It’s impossible to ever truly know someone. You can have a very good idea of who someone is and the way they react to things but even those you know the best can do something so seemingly out of character it takes you off-guard completely.

Unfortunately, this break of predictable behaviour isn’t limited to how much they drink behind closed doors or whether they’re unfaithful to their partners. Sometimes the behaviour is as extreme as murder.

This series reveals the stories of victims who were harmed by the people they thought they knew. From family members to the best of friends, no one is truly safe from deception. Expect affairs, double-lives, secret addictions and webs of lies that entangle and end people’s lives. Do you truly know the one sitting beside you?

Fridays at 21:50 on ID (ch 223 from the 15th of November)