Southern Gothic

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Southern Gothic

Ah, the American South: Lots of farmland filled with lovers of the Bible, guns, fried food, beer and country music. Thanks to their love of socializing and the importance they place on family and good manners, Southerners have a very homely reputation. It’s common for Northern city-slickers on their first visit to the South to be surprised at how friendly everyone seems to be, dishing out warm greetings as they know you.

Like every other major geological stretch on earth, even the sunny South has a dark side. Crime happens here just like it happens everywhere else, but when crimes are committed here it’s a far more shocking event than if it happened in the allies of New York.

This true-crime series delves into the South’s muddy side and reveals some of its darkest secrets, from a young church-going husband shot dead to the disappearance of three teens that launched a national manhunt.

Thursday at 9:50 on ID (ch 223, from 9 July)