Space Disasters

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Space Disasters

Part of the Smithsonian Channel’s “Space Day Special” stunt.

There are few great discoveries without calamity.

We sailed the seas in search of new land, braved untamed wildernesses in the new world, dove into the depths of the oceans to find what lies below. Many brave souls died in the service of discovery. Space travel is no different.

Space is a scary place. The smallest of mishaps or malfunctions can, and have, led to calamities. Space Disasters is about what we learned when things went wrong. Every hour-long episode delves into the most dramatic incidents in space exploration and how they shaped modern aeronautics.

Friday at 3:55 PM, with new episodes every Thursday at 3 PM on Smithsonian Channel (ch 226) from Friday, 07 May

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse