SPL2 A Time for Consequences

SPL2: A Time for Consequences

Despite the title, SPL 2 isn’t a sequel to SPL. They do have a few things in common though, as both are action-heavy dramas of a medical kind.

Speaking of action, this film has some of the most amazing action sequences I have ever seen. The choreography is a splendid blend of flourishes and brutality, and the camera action makes sure you catch all the action without any annoying close-ups or jarring cuts getting in the way of things.

The story itself is so complicated that explaining it in any great detail is a waste of time. Basically, bad guys want something the good guys don’t want to part with. The paths the story takes are hard to follow on paper, but the writers and directors manage to tie the stories together effectively enough to let the story flow, but the insurmountable odds they use to make it work is something any sceptic would raise an eyebrow to.

All-in-all, if you like action films that have great fighting scenes and respectable acting then this film is for you.

Saturday, 25th of August at 21:30 on ST Movies Plus (Super Package)