Sports Streaming

Sports Fanatic 

When it comes to enjoying live sports streaming of major sporting events form across the world, you need a reliable and affordable service that can not only provide a quality video feed, but also consistent performance to ensure that you do not miss a single moment of live sports action while streaming. Although Internet services are popular overseas, South African Internet does not yet allow for seamless sports streaming, leaving us to turn to our selection of dish networks to find the most affordable and sensible options to enjoy your weekend entertainment without delay or interruption.

People typically pay for a bouquet that offers various sports channels but forces them to pay for much more than just access to the channels they want to enjoy. With StarSat, you will have the option to choose our Sports+ package, which is considerably more affordable than similar options from other satellite television providers in South Africa.

Sports+ Package 

This package offers high-definition sports streaming via satellite feed and is most enjoyable with an HD decoder and television. Although 4K UHD technology has been around for years, people can still enjoy a clear HD picture on their 4K televisions with our Sports+ package, giving everyone an affordable way to enjoy live sports streaming from various corners of the world. Our package consists of two dedicated channels, with one focusing on one of the most popular sports worldwide – soccer. ST World Football is a channel that provides a home for the Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 soccer leagues from Europe, bringing you every moment of action to enjoy as these seasons unravel throughout the course of the European winter. You will never miss a match again with ST World Football, keeping you in the loop of European soccer at any time.

ST Sports Premium is our second channel available in the Sports+ Package, with a variety of sports streaming to enjoy from the worlds of athletics, motorsport, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and other popular sports. As a result, this package is perfect for sports fanatics, delivering a bouquet that can be enjoyed by anyone of your friends and family living in your house with you. The Sports+ package can be a welcome addition that provides quality live sports streaming from across the world.

StarSat offers various bouquets that are affordable and comprehensive. For more information, please peruse our website for details on our channels and prices or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let StarSat offer an affordable alternative for you and your entire household’s viewing pleasure.