Sports Steaming

Sports Streaming

The Love of Sports 

When it comes to sports streaming in South Africa, we are very limited in options. Due to the poor Internet services available in this country, we have to turn to digital satellite television services to access sports streaming on our mobile devices, which is limited to the specific provider in terms of variety through various broadcasting licences and other determining factors.

Although digital sports streaming is very popular across the world, especially on mobile devices to make it easier for people to watch the game, no matter where they are at the time, this service is still to be optimised for South African use, and this is where StarSat offers a viable solution to those who would like to watch the Bundesliga on their mobile devices, for example. StarSat is an affordable digital satellite television provider in South Africa, offering a variety of packages to compose a bouquet to suit your viewing preferences, as well as accommodate various languages with specific packages.

Featuring a choice between a standard and compact package that will either grant access to 40 television channels and 25 audio channels on the Special bouquet, or 80 television channels and the same number of audio channels on the Super bouquet, you will have more than enough entertainment to choose from when turning on the TV for the evening. On top of these packages, we offer a Sports+ add-on package that will grant you access to our two sports channels, featuring various sporting events and news to entertain the true sports enthusiast.

Our Sports Channels 

Starting with the first channel in our Sports+ bouquet, we feature the ST World Football channel that plays host to the Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 soccer leagues in Europe. Clients can enjoy live soccer matches and events from around the world on this channel and will allow our clients to use sports streaming through the StarTimes app on their mobile devices, not missing a single moment of the game as they can watch on the go. The second channel in the bouquet is ST Sports Premium, offering a variety sports channel featuring major live sporting events from the world of soccer, athletics, motorsport, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and more.

Both these channels are tailored towards enthusiasts, making sports streaming on their mobile devices a reality for our clients. The StarTimes app grants access to live matches, online videos, self-services, and a TV guide to keep you informed about what is currently live and when your favourite game will start. With our Sports+ package, you will never miss a single moment of your favourite sporting event again, taking your StarSat services with you in your pocket to conveniently watch wherever you might find yourself.

StarSat offers a variety of packages apart from our Sports+ package to add to your bouquet. Our packages include Chinese, Indian, and French options for an additional selection of channels catering specifically for language and culture accommodation in viewing pleasure. For more information, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let StarSat grant you access to our satellite television network at affordable prices, ad enjoy the freedom of sports streaming.