Sports Streaming

I Love Sports 

Living in South Africa, we do not have access to live sports through cable television, as it only provides a handful of local channels that cannot broadcast any live sporting events, unless the specific channels are granted broadcasting rights for certain matches. As a result, we turn to local satellite television providers for live sports streaming. Due to the massive demand of residential live sports streaming, these local providers tend to overcharge subscribers by not offering a dedicated sports package at a lowered fee. This is where StarSat is a pioneering game-changer.

The StarSat Sports+ Package 

Although providers like DStv only offer commercial packages for exclusive access to their sports channels, StarSat offers a Sports+ package that enables you to have live sports streaming through a digital satellite television network at half the price when compared to our full package. For just R99 p/m, you will gain access to our two premium sports channels for streaming anytime you are interested in watching some live sports with friends.

The first channel – ST World Football – is a dedicated StarSat channel and provides coverage of major soccer leagues across the world, including the Bundesliga from Germany, Serie A from Italy, and Ligue 1 from France. As a result, you can easily enjoy the games throughout the week with all your friends, and in the comfort of your own home. The second channel – ST Sports Premium – will provide a variety of sports for your streaming pleasure. Sporting categories like soccer, athletics, motorsport, boxing, volleyball, and basketball are all included in the line-up to ensure that you enjoy a wide selection from this channel.

Live sports streaming has always been a complicated affair in South Africa, especially when it comes to residential options. StarSat is one of the very few providers that can offer you a specific sports package for residential use, with an affordable monthly price tag to sweeten the deal even further. As a result, StarSat is simplifying the process of only having access two sports channels on your bouquet, and will serve sports enthusiast simply the best from the world of sports, especially if you are a soccer fan.

For more information on our sports streaming package, feel free to peruse our website for details on the channels, as well as our other available packages. We cater for specific lingual preferences as well, with Chinese, French, and Indian packages available on our network. Should you have an enquiry, feel free to contact us directly. Join the more affordable way to enjoy live sports streaming in your own home, without having the extra channels to get in the way of the game.