StarSat Channels

StarSat’s Channel Selection

When it comes to satellite television entertainment, you would expect a wide variety of television channels to choose from that range from local and international movies, to live sports events for a comprehensive choice. In South Africa, choices regarding satellite television service providers are limited, and prices increase at a rapid pace. This left South Africans with little to no options when they want to watch the game on Saturday and the featured movies on Sunday.

This is where StarSat provides a viable alternative that is not only more affordable, but also offers a wide range of channels for your entertainment. StarSat’s channels offer everything you will ever need, including local and international news channels and tailored kids entertainment channels that keep the little ones entertained as well.

The days of being overcharged for enjoying satellite television access are in the past, as our packages can grant you access to 80 television channels and 25 audio channels, for as little as R209 p/m. We also have various add-on packages available to suit your viewing preferences. Below, we will have a closer look at StarSat’s selection of channels, and how you can enjoy digital satellite television network access, without having to break the bank.


Our Selection of StarSat Channels

 If you opt for the StarSat Super Package as your base bouquet, you will have access to 80 television channels, without adding any add-on packages on top of it. These channels include a variety of choices. Aljazeera and BBC World News help keep you informed on current events across the world, while the African Movie Channel and African Movie Series will showcase the latest in local entertainment from the continent. Local South African channels, such as and SABC 1, 2, and 3 are also available. National Geographic and Discovery Science are available for those who love to discover things they never knew.

Fuel TV and Fox Sports will keep the adrenaline junkie in most of us satisfied. These channels, combined with a wide range of extra StarSat channels, ensure that you always have something to watch when turning on your television set at home. Our add-on packages are designed to cater for specific viewing preferences. Our Sports+ package adds two dedicated sports channels to your bouquet.

These channels focus on broadcasting live sports events, including European soccer, athletics, motorsport, and more. Our other add-on channels are language-specific, with options for French, Indian, and Chinese packages that you can add to your bouquet. These add-on packages offer a host of channels, specifically chosen to suit the language and culture of the package. This gives you viable options for specific language preferences. As a result, StarSat channels can offer exactly what you need to enjoy the vast world of digital satellite television. We offer you enough options to customise your bouquet, without having to pay through your ears each month for top-level entertainment.

StarSat offers a variety of channels within our affordable monthly packages. For more information on these channels and packages, including prices and channel listings, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose StarSat today and experience the world of digital satellite television for yourself.