Feature Story - StarTimes chairman Pang Xinxing’s “4 Healthy initiatives “ to fight the COVID-19 outbreak

StarTimes Chairman Pang Xinxing’s “4 Healthy Initiatives” to Fight the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Since the world-wide outbreak of COVID-19 Africa’s leading digital television operator StarTimes has taken many actions.

These actions followed the 4 principles set out by StarTimes’ chairman Pang Xinxing: “Healthy Environment”, “Healthy Mindset”, “Healthy Behaviour”, and “Healthy Body” respectively.

Feature Story - StarTimes chairman Pang Xinxing’s “4 Healthy initiatives “ to fight the COVID-19 outbreak 02

Healthy Environment

The priority for Pang Xinxing was the safety of StarTimes employees, and thus the focus on creating a healthy environment for them.

From as early as February StarTimes rolled out guidelines and training to its employees to minimize the risk of spread in the workplace.

This included establishing a shuttle service so that employees did not need to take public transportation to and from work. Additionally, plans are in place to procure packs of facemasks for use by employees. Zambia has already received a donation of supplies from StarTimes. This will be the first of many African countries to receive such donations.

Healthy Behaviour

With their working environment as safe as possible, the focus shifted towards guiding the individual behaviours of viewers.

Fake news and misinformation have been spreading rapidly amongst people since the start of the outbreak. As a media group, StarTimes feels a duty to provide its viewers with accurate and official information. This will, in turn, prevent unnecessary fear and ignorance in communities and a reduction of irrational actions.

StarTimes employees took it upon themselves to produce a variety of content for social media and broadcast television to educate its viewers on how best to protect themselves in these trying times. This includes 30 short videos in 6 languages and 30 posters in 3 languages designed to raise awareness about the virus and give guidelines on how best to protect oneself, all based on official World Health Organization guidelines.

Healthy Mindset

The virus is scary, but people need to know that it can be beaten, as has been proven in China. The best tool to fight this epidemic is an informed public, which is why StarTimes decided to produce a show called “StarTimes Daily – COVID-19 Report”, which shares world news, experiences, testimonies and advice daily. This show is produced in 6 different languages and broadcast on 12 channels. Viewers can also access this content on the live-streaming app “StarTimes ON”.

As has been done in Guinea, and soon to be applied to other countries, the program has been shared to local channels so that this important information can reach every household.

It helps to know what’s going on to keep a level head, but something else that’s super helpful is keeping the kids busy in a productive way. StarTimes recently launched a channel called “Mindset Learn” and a program called “Home Schooling” on their ST Kids channel to keep the kids stimulated. Additionally, StarTimes has been working with local organizations to produce country-specific education programs, the first of which made in Uganda and Kenya.

Healthy Body

Unfortunately, testing kits aren’t readily available to everyone. People must go get tested only when they are truly at risk for contracting COVID-19. To prevent unnecessary testing and to ease people’s minds when they happen to only have a common cold, StarTimes has launched a pre-diagnoses system called “COVID-19 Self-Evaluation and Reference System” on their StarTimes ON app to help with that. Here, users answer a set of relevant questions and get advice applicable to their situation.

As another means to help curb the spread of the virus, StarTimes will soon launch e-commerce platforms to sell their products online, removing the need for people to leave their homes.

To ensure that StarTimes viewers don’t experience an interruption in service arrangements have been made with their after-sales services. Installers have been supplied with adequate training and protection to make the installation process safe for everyone, as well as enabling customers to pay their subscriptions through their StarTimes ON app.

By ensuring that customers are well informed and implementing processes that illuminate the need to leave their homes, StarTimes is trying to protect families and communities across the African continent as best it can. Through chairman Pang XinXing’s 4 guiding principles, “Healthy Environment”, “Healthy Behaviour”, “Healthy Mindset” and “Healthy Body”, StarTimes is rising to new heights to fight this unprecedented pandemic.

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